The Future Superman Has Been Revealed #WB #Dccomics

In a variant view of the blue pant boy scout of ‘Detective Comic Universe’ DCU, lot of critiques have exude the characters OP in context ‘over power’. Following the current justice league #18, the man of steel have been seen with the capabilities and attributes associated with gods, which makes some people refer to him as “god”, exactly what was shown in Batman vs Superman movie, with reference to lex statement ” if man can’t kill god, the devil will”. This statement, meanwhile was as the outcome of the fight between Batman(man) and Superman(god), Lex’s prediction towards the outcome of the fight failed, forcing him to release the unstoppable killing machine doomsday (devil).

However If Superman fans ever wondered how much wiser, more powerful, or how bearded the future Man of Steel would one day become, then wonder no more. DC has revealed the evolved Superman of Tomorrow… and he is glorious.

It should go without saying that the canonical, “official” Superman living decades, centuries, even millennia into DC’s future is always subject to change. And the better the story, the more imaginative the Man of Steel. What if Superman had to kill Batman in a future gone wrong? What if Superman was truly immortal? All worth seeing in the flesh, but the latest version promises something greater, something more… wondrous to behold.


‘Captain Marvel’ Blasting Off With $20M-$24M Thursday Night: Box Office

The Marvel Cinematic Universe “MCU” were strategic enough to have chosen 8th of March as a perfect release date for Carol Danvers solo movie,as the world is celebrating the ‘International’ women’s day, it also goes in same context as Captain Marvel would be recorded as Marvel first female super hero to have a solo movie.
At this point in time Captain Marvel is eyeing a $63.5M Friday, including her $20.7M Thursday night haul. That figure is just under Beauty and the Beast‘s first day of $63.77M (which turned around a $174.7M opening, the best ever in March), and under Batman v. Superman‘s Good Friday haul of $81.55M on March 25, 2016 which grossed a 3-day of $166M. Beauty and the Beast reps the top opening for March, followed by BvS,and then The Hunger Games with $152.5M, which it looks like Captain Marvel is beating.

Where does this put Captain Marvel stateside? Industry estimates predict between $156M and $160M, and possibly more at 4,310 locations. Again, it’s early, these numbers can fluctuate, etc., but it’s quite clear: There’s a lot of business going on this weekend in multiplexes around the world. With guys being the dominant moviegoer last night, the question is whether more women will make a date today to watch Carol Danvers on International Women’s Day.


We’ve decided to share our time table with the rest of the world, not much could be said about most of the movies listed on our time table but we know for sure they’re top notch.

Alita “battle Angel” to start with has been doing well at the box office, and according to mojo record, Alita had grossed $278,221,855 in foreign theaters. Congratulations to James Cameron as Alita chart summary goes thus; Total Lifetime Grosses
Domestic: $72,231,308 20.6%
+ Foreign: $278,221,855 79.4%
= Worldwide: $350,453,163
Domestic Summary
Opening Weekend: $28,525,613
(#1 rank, 3,790 theaters, $7,527 average)
% of Total Gross: 39.5%
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Widest Release: 3,802 theaters
In Release: 18 days / 2.6 weeks.

Keep in touch with the time table as Captain Marvel would be hitting the theaters on the 8th of March.


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